D Services

The Animal Hospital at Reems Creek is committed to offering the most advanced and progressive diagnostics and treatments available while tailoring services to each client’s personal needs and financial ability.

Modern medicine and technology affords us an incredible ability to diagnose and to treat animal disease, far beyond any time in history.  In our office every day we perform examinations, collect and process laboratory specimens, obtain diagnostic images, and start immediate treatments, many times within the same day or even within the same appointment.  Using advanced medical tools such as surgical lasers, digital radiography, and an in-house diagnostic laboratory, we can provide an exceptional level of care for your beloved pets.

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Wellness Care

A cornerstone of any quality veterinary practice is wellness care. During wellness exams we will perform a “nose to tail” examination of your pet, evaluating systems and looking for changes from previous exams (dental disease, lumps/bumps, weight changes, etc.). We will also review current recommendations to keep your pet healthy such as diet, exercise, vaccinations, and parasite control.

Laboratory Services

Sometimes, when your pet is sick or injured, time is indeed of the essence. We maintain a full in-house laboratory for those times when treatment might otherwise be delayed by sending lab work out of house. In-house laboratory capabilities allow us to diagnose and treat your pet faster, for better care and improved outcomes. With modern laboratory machines, results are received faster and more accurately than ever before.

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x-ray image of a pet's teeth shown from below


Dental disease is the most common abnormality found in the pet population. Nearly all pets will have significant levels of dental disease during their lives. Our dental plans involve management and prevention (brushing, routine cleanings) as well as treatment of existing disease. We provide dental cleanings utilizing dental radiography, ultrasonic tooth scaling, polishing, and dental remedial measures such as extraction when appropriate. You take great care of your pet - don’t forget their teeth!


Internal Medicine

Internal medicine includes most of the non-surgical problems and diseases that we encounter. After wellness care, internal medicine problems are the most frequent reason for visits to our veterinary hospital. We are trained to address problems in all areas of internal medicine, including
Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, and Oncology.

Of course, if a problem arises that requires specialty care, we are willing and able to refer you and your pet to a specialist in any of these disciplines.

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X-ray of a dog's hips and abdomen


The Animal Hospital at Reems Creek is equipped with state-of-the-art digital radiography (X-ray) equipment that provides instantaneous and high quality images to aid in the diagnosis and management of our patients.  We also offer non-invasive ultrasound services and our doctors are highly trained in the utilization of this critical tool.  Additionally, we employ digital dental radiography included in every dental cleaning and procedure.  All of these imaging modalities help us to achieve optimal care for your pet.


Surgical Care

We are pleased to offer the highest level of surgical care for your pet. Most routine procedures can be performed in our office, using the latest and best anesthetic and monitoring protocols. We routinely perform spays and neuters, soft tissue surgery of all kinds, and some orthopedic procedures. If your pet requires a more difficult or unusual procedure, we will guide your referral to a surgical specialist.

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Veterinarian performing surgery in a black and white photo

Laser Surgery

Unlike many small animal hospitals, we perform the majority of our surgical procedures using a CO2 surgical laser. Surgeries performed using this advanced tool benefit from decreased bleeding, greater patient comfort post-operatively, and often less surgical time. Some specific procedures may particularly benefit from the usage of the CO2 surgical laser, such as oral and ophthalmic surgery, mass and tumor removals, and colo-rectal operations.


Nutrition / Weight Management

The second most commonly encountered problem in veterinary medicine (after dental disease) is obesity. We understand that it is very difficult for pet owners to navigate the increasingly complex world of pet foods and pet nutrition. That is why we make it a priority to include nutritional counseling and weight management into every discussion of your pet’s health and wellness. Our entire staff is highly trained to assist you in providing quality nutrition in appropriate quantities with the goal of helping your pet achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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